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Немецкие альпинисты раскритиковали объединение двух австрийских курортов
В плане горнолыжных курортов немцам увы нечем даже близко конкурировать ни с австрийцами, ни с итальянцами,... OldGuy 22.07.2017
Donnerwetter in Saalbach* (рассказ в 4-х действиях)
Да, классный регион. Мы еще и в погоду хорошую попали туда... AWolf 22.07.2017

Advertising with us

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Who we are

SKI.RU detailed profile>>

SKI.RU is the most popular ski&snbrd Russian site. Our annual audience in 2015/16 is about 3 000 000 readers and writers. 

At least 50% went to European Alps and other abroad destinations even in such difficult economic situation.

We provide effective advertising campaign for ski resorts, accommodation objects, travel agencies, guides, ski schools and every business that is connected with active outdoor activities and skiing.
Main instruments for campaign are Banners, Branding and PR activities:


Download detailed pricelist>>
 Available Ad Formats / Price (CPM):
TYPE A: Leaderboard (920x100)  Price (CPM): € 10
TYPE B without home page: 240x400, right column     Price (CPM): € 7
TYPE C without home page: 640х100, middle of the screen               Price (CPM): € 7
TYPE B home page: 240x400, right column  Price: € 700/per week
TYPE E home page : 640х150, the middle of the screen     Price: € 700/per week
Mobile    NO


Branding means integration Brand visual into SKI.RU page structure. It cause more deep influence and have in average higher respond rate than banners.
Branding of Home page         Price: from € 1100/per week
Other gate-pages branding Price: from € 700/per week

PR Activities

Newsletters: 30 000 recipients, banner 640x100 px   Price: € 200/per unit  
News and articles creating/translation Price: from € 100/per unit 
News and articles distribution (SKI.RU +10 sites and soc. groups)  Price: from € 400/per unit
NoGapPromo program
Price: free, see description

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