Подборка свежих snow видео на ютубе этого сезона

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Представляю подборку свежих, этого сезона, снежных фильмов, на ютубе - октябрь, ноябрь 2020.  Фрирайд, фристайл, стрит, карвинг, как полные фильмы, так и короткие клипы, видеоблоги. Для удобства я сделал плейлист, который можно скормить програмке которая скачивает видео с ютуба, и смотреть видосики в оффлайне, в самолете в дороге, или вечером дома или в горах :)

Плейлист: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlHb9WHF92T83E0W1FKzsGUXh_j4rSIlr

Полные фильмы:

"Follow The Forecast" by Blank Collective

FOLLOW THE FORECAST chronicles THE BLANK COLLECTIVES winter adventures - from their deepest days to date, to first time mountaineering experiences, to rolling the dice on new locations, each objective is documented with classic brother and sister banter. Shot on location - Whistler Blackcomb, Lake Tahoe, Selkirk Mountains, Revelstoke, SkiBig3, Fernie Alpine Resort, Mt Baker Ski Area, Mt Shuksan, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Callaghan Country / Journeyman Lodge, Whistler & Pemberton Backcountry.


Короткие фильмы и сегменты и тд

Atmosphere With Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt delivers a short and sweet personal video project highlighting his powerful, refreshing, dynamic style that has become the pinnacle of backcountry freestyle.



Nestled in the Pacific Northwest is a place of legend, Mount Baker. A quiet but proven place where skiers and snowboarders come for the endless potential of the terrain. Seeking a new playground, LJ Strenio and Vincent Prévost set to rendez-vous at Mount Baker. And it proved to be exactly that, an endless landscape of rolling, powder-caked mountains. It’s no wonder why people have been coming here for decades to play on the slopes of the northern Cascade Mountains.


The Day Nick McNutt Nearly Died in An Avalanche

Бипер не давал сигнал, хотя все уверяют что утром всех проверяли, и него был включен. Повезло что откопали.

Last season, while filming for Make Believe, Nick McNutt’s worst case scenario became reality: he was fully buried in an avalanche. To make things worse, his avalanche beacon stopped transmitting during the slide, and it was only through a stroke of luck that his partners were able to rescue him. Avalanche rescue is already a difficult task, but without a working beacon, it becomes akin to finding a needle in a haystack.


Kai 3.0: Thirteen-Year-Old Skier Kai Jones Takes Flight at Jackson Hole

Если ты делаешь что то хорошо, всегда есть 13 летний мальчик который делает это лучше тебя.


Above The Arctic Circle | Skiing The Midnight Sun

Spending the summer at home in Sweden, Kristofer Turdell and friends set out on a mission to explore their own backyard in search of runs that could rival the most iconic freeriding mountains in the world. With a combination of skill and pure luck, they manage to find pristine snow conditions and spectacular runs above the arctic circle in the most northern part of Scandinavia. Being this far north and half-way into the summer means a sun that never sets, treating the group to incredible powder runs that lasts long into the night. Not being spoiled with an easy access to terrain and the pressure from an ending season, they embrace all available methods to squeeze out as much skiing as they can. Using a combination of touring, heli lifts and tenting on the mountain enables them to explore a vast range of terrain unknown to most skiers.



Some people dream of getting in an RV, heading out to the Grand Canyon, and weeping at its depth, color and majesty. Others dream of over-stuffing an RV with a bunch of boards and friends, hitting the mountains and riding for a week straight all the while showering minimally. You can probably guess which side of the spectrum we land on. Last winter, we got our snow team together for a trip on wheels. The plan was to meet at Mount Baker, then go wherever the forecast called us. But here’s the thing about Baker — as many people will tell you, it’s hard to leave. We spent the majority of our days riding around Baker, and the majority of our nights playing cards in the RV parking lot. Although we did sneak up to Mount Seymour for a day of riding, this trip was still Fully Baked. Watch the edit above, then scroll down to meet the team and their jackets.


SAAS FEE | The Faction Collective | 4K

Present meets future as masters Alex Hall, Antti Ollila, Daniel Hanka and Ben Buratti meet up with prodigies Matej Svancer, Tim Sivignon and Alexis Ghisleni for a session to remember in Saas Fee. 


Dylan Siggers | CMH Kootenay | POV

This past January, Dylan spent a week with the steep shots and pillow drops crew at CMH Kootenay. Equipped with his LINE Vision 118's Dylan spent his days amongst the untouched powder lapping pillow lines, dropping cliffs, and buttering through the freshies, making us all very jealous, yet stoked to do some of this, this winter. Words from Dylan "I'd like to both thank and highly recommend the CMH Kootenay Steep Shots and Pillow Drops program for having me out, and if you ever find yourself thinking about a heli-ski trip, this is the one you want to book." 


Dylan Siggers | INTENT

Every run visualized, every movement crafted. The tracks in the snow are unconventional but distinct — they were made with intent. The vision quest continues in Fernie, British Columbia on the all-new LINE Vision 118. 



Level 1 presents NOTHING, a snow riding experience. Featuring Parker White, Duncan Adams, Forest Bailey, Lucas Stål Madison, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthy. Directed by Freedle Coty. Skiing. Snowboarding. Powder Surfing. Filmed on location in Hokkaido & Mt Baker, WA. In Partnership with Rossignol, 686, and Airhole.


Lucas Wachs is Insane - Huck Yeah! Full Segment


Eternal- A Tanner Hall Short Film (2020)


Phil Casabon's "Ensemble" (2020)



- Brandon Cocard "Echo Chamber was filmed and edited by Sam Tuor. It’s my full part from winter of 2020 with cameos by Miles Fallon, Kazu Kokubo, Taylor Elliott, Brendon Rego, Kevin Backstrom, Mike Rav, Kaede Yasunaga, Keisuke Yoshida, and Chris Beresford. 


NOwhere || NOW Here

Nowhere Now Here- The title of the project is an example of how people have different perspectives in this world. Depending on the viewer or reader NOWHERE can appear as NO WHERE or NOW HERE, depending on who reads the letters it will be interpreted in different ways. Just like the world and everything going on around us. The way something appears to someone can be interpreted in a totally different light by another.



A ski movie featuring Zach Pfeiffer, Sammy Keena, Rudy Lepine, Tyndall Wells, Oscar Weary, and friends. 


SPLITBOARDING!! The gateway to preseason POWDER

Splitboarding is the gateway to DEEP preseason powder. This storm delivered OVER 30 INCHES of the greatest snow on earth. Let's dive in! 



Episode 2 of the 2020 season, the Out of Service crew made there way to Asia for a true Japanese boarding experience. Battling illness and injury, the crew gathers homies to join in on the episode creation and good times.


GoPro: 2020/21 Snow Season Kickoff

Небольшая нарезка к наступающему сезону


GoPro | Backcountry Skiing | 4K

Everything in this video was shot on GoPro HERO8 while backcountry skiing last winter. These are our favorite POV shots from skiing in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Come along for the ride as we hit some of the biggest jumps we've sessioned to date. 


CARVING | Transition

Turn transition seems to be a controversial topic because there are several was to cross from one turn to the next. Everyone seems to get hung up on there being one correct way to do it, however a skier's objective is what really determines the type of transition that should be used.


Four phases of parallel turn with key points

Four phases of parallel turn with key points, simple video training.


Versus | Episode 3: Stinius Skjøtskift

The Norwegian freeski legend Stian Hagen lives in Chamonix with his wife and kids, and has been a professional skier for 27 years. His fellow countryman and teammate Stinius Skjøtskift is a fierce and strong freerider, and spends his spare time skateboarding or DJing. 


Follow the Forecast (4K Ski Movie Trailer) - 2020 Film by Blank Collective

As snow sport enthusiasts, we live and die by the forecast. In 2020 BLANK Collective Films relinquished control: to the forecast. 


Garrett Capel 2020 Highlight Reel

Garrett is one rad dude and I was psyched to spend some days behind the camera filming last winter. I met Gary 6 years ago and it's been sick watching his talent develop over the years. Keep an eye out for him in the future!


CHARGE 2 w/ Leah Evans, Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek & Drew Petersen | Salomon TV

We took five top freeskiers and a World Champion drone pilot to Mustang Powder Cat Skiing in BC for one week. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can. 


The WURL: 4 days, 3 nights, 58 km of Ski Touring in the Wasatch

The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL) is a litmus test for trail-runners in the summer, but has never been done in the winter. A 58km continuous ridgeline visible from downtown Salt Lake City, UT, it forms a horseshoe around Little Cottonwood Canyon and the ski areas of Alta and Snowbird. 



Check out the heaviest tricks ever thrown on the Freeride World Tour! 



Check out some of biggest crashes we've seen on the Freeride World Tour


Bringing a 30m rope to a 60m cliff: Why you send the girls first // The Corona Diaries Pt. 3


Unsuccessfully dodging an avalanche // The Corona Diaries pt. 1


Hanging from my ice axe over a cliff - a ski tour with mixed success // The Corona Diaries Pt. 4


Inspire I Michael "Bird" Shaffer opens a new ski route down Liberty Bell Mountain's North Face

Witness an historic ski descent of Liberty Bell Mountain's north face where Bird completes a pure ski descent between some of the most renowned spires in North America. We know It’s just skiing, but if skiing is believing then this run blows our little minds. 


Winter 20/21. C'est là.

Snow is falling and a new dawn coming. Finally winter 20/21 is here, things are about to get a little lively. From the powder fields of Japan, Canada & US to the race pistes of Europe, skiers are getting ready to step up, are you? 


Shinrin-Yoku starring Sam Kuch & Baker Boyd | HEAD Freeskiing - Full episode

‘If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything.’ - Alan Watts There is nothing more beneficial for the soul than spending time beneath the canopy of a living forest. The Japanese call it Shinrin-Yoku – forest bathing. The ways of indulging in this activity might even exceed the number of trees in the forest, but we really like Baker Boyd and Sam Kuch interpretation. Enjoy the 1st HEAD KORE episode.


Ruby Huntin'

Last season Max Hammer, Tim Eddy, and Jeremy Jones ventured into the ruby mountains in Nevada for some adventure boarding and skiing!


British Columbia January Jam - Highlight

Aaron Blunck, Ian Morrison, and Riley Leboe went to BC just in time for the first big storm of the season. Pictures from Blank Collective upcoming movie "Follow the Forecast" premiering fall 2020.


Behind the scenes - Worldcup preparations in Sölden


Last preparations for the upcoming Worldcup event in Sölden - Austria (17-18 October 2020).


GoPro | Skiing into Lockdown NR.2 - Markus Eder


GoPro | Powder Hunting in the Alps - Markus Eder


A raw day shredding Powder. Captured on GoPro MAX


Skiing The Ultimate Spring Snowpark | Markus Eder's Super Spring Sesh


Scraping together the last bits and pieces of snow former Freeride World Tour Champion and all-round Freeski talent Markus Eder put together an all-time crew to build a shredable island of snow, in the midst of the idyllic peaks of South Tyrol. Press play and enjoy the Super Spring Sesh!


Pillow Talk in British Columbia | Travis Rice and the Line of a Lifetime

Travis Rice, Robin Van Gyn, Austen Sweetin and Blair Habenicht explore the vast terrain of British Columbia, where Travis discovers what he calls the most savage pillow line he's ever ridden. This powder mission dream team was in B.C. to scout the potential site for a future Natural Selection event, but they were sure to take their work gloves off for some backcountry research and development of their own. Press play and take a trip to Canada to see it all through their eyes.


ACTION MEN - A Skiing Short By The Legs Of Steel


'Action Men' is a 12 Minute skiing short, brought to you by the Legs Of Steel. Featuring former Freeride World Tour Champion Markus Eder and British backcountry ace Paddy Graham the latest creation by the legendary LOS crew delivers spot on freeride action by one of the tightest crews in skiing. Press play and get hyped for winter!


"Follow The Forecast" by Blank Collective | Official Film



KEESHFILE 20 - Season 19/20 in the Alps and Finnish Lapland with Keesh.


In Plain Sight

This is the story about skiers without backpacks and beacons, the skiers who shred in bounds. This is a celebration of bumps, groomers, big airs, secret stashes and ripping turns with friends at the Big One. Featuring the Alta Chutes, Thunder and the Crags with Jim Ryan, Forrest Jillson, Max Martin, Connery Lundin, Madison Rose Ostergren, Veronica Paulsen and Marker, Dalbello, Volkl. We ride again soon!





2020 Stoke Reel


Delay Your Arrival - Whistler, BC Canada

A turning point in the season and the last time any of us have been to Canada. The BC leg was a true boys trip as we introduced our team manager, Joe, to the ins and outs of a film trip. With endless pillows on tap, more than a few snowmobile incidents, and classic Whistler weather we were able to get a taste of just about everything the Coast Mountains have to offer. Whistler will always have a warm place in my heart. - Essex Prescott, Nordica Freeski team athlete


Delay Your Arrival - Japan

The birthplace of my ski dreams, Hokkaido has always lived up to the hype and was a definite stopping point along the journey. We were greeted with a blizzard and the Outback’s overseas cousin on our way to home base, Skye Niseko. Day or night the powder frenzy ensued as we explored all the island had to offer. It was a truly dreamy and foreign experience as the days, rice triangles, and ski locations blended together. Perma smile doesn’t come close to describing the mood, we were lucky enough to complete the journey right before the pandemic, crossing fingers to get back soon. - Essex Prescott, Nordica Freeski Athlete


Delay Your Arrival - Oregon

"Close to home and a staple of any West Coast road trip, Oregon was on our list of locations to explore. Rumors of a “Super Storm” developing caught our attention, we five packed the Outback with both ski and surf gear and embarked on a trip into the center of the storm. Super storm was an understatement as power went out, resorts shut down, and we found ourselves on foot, in the woods, skiing some of the deepest powder of the season. Thoroughly satisfied we continued to the coast to try our hand at the high seas."—Essex Prescott


Eric Lee O'Brien 19/20 Season Edit

Watch Eric Lee O'Brien tear up his hometown mountain Squaw, CA and beyond in his Snowledge Team Edit from 19/20. Skiing on the MSP 107 and the Devastator.


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Dulsiney    14 Ноября 2020 (20:10)   #


Представляю подборку свежих, этого сезона, снежных фильмов, на ютубе, октябрь, ноябрь 2020.  Фрирайд, фристайл, стрит, карвинг, как полные фильмы, так и короткие клипы, видеоблоги. Для удобства я сделал плейлист, который можно скормить програмке которая скачивает видео с ютуба, и смотреть видосики...

Читать далее в блоге >>


Издеваешься? Хочешь чтоб слюной захлебнулись?...diablo.gif    

89    14 Ноября 2020 (20:49)   #

Норвежцы круты

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edgarsr    14 Ноября 2020 (21:34)   #

Издеваешься? Хочешь чтоб слюной захлебнулись?...diablo.gif

Всё будет, главное верить :)
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Dulsiney    14 Ноября 2020 (21:42)   #

Всё будет, главное верить icon_smile.gif

Надежда конечно умирает последней, но даже я уже не верю в европейский сезон 20/21. Придется получать очередной ваучер от Эйрфранс вместо февральского полёта ...

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edgarsr    15 Ноября 2020 (14:13)   #

Это ж очевидно, что этот сезон будет другим, не таким как мы привыкли. Придется адаптироваться под постоянно меняющуюся ситуацию.

Те кто это смогут, нормально покатаются. Вот например сегодня открылся Шерегеш, народ катает :) Кто катает, а кто плачет что все пропало. Но рано еще плакать, в Альпах вообще снега нет пока, так что и плакать не о чем, впереди еще 4 месяца, будет окно 100%. В этом сезоне все кто сможет быстро подстроится, смогут отлично покататься.

Но может хватить от ковиде, и так уже в каждой теме по сто 500 раз :)

Fairlady    15 Ноября 2020 (14:22)   #

Но рано еще плакать, в Альпах вообще снега нет пока

Зато грибов полно :)
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ASDr    15 Ноября 2020 (16:49)   #

До кучи


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edgarsr    15 Ноября 2020 (16:53)   #



Долго думал добавлять ли трейлеры в список. Добавлял только сегменты.

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edgarsr    15 Ноября 2020 (17:04)   #

Зато грибов полно icon_smile.gif

Вот такого сухого ноября в Альпах уж не припомню, 3 недели сплошного солнца. В прошлом году, 21 ноября, раскатывал 1м пухляка при отличной базе. В позапрошлом, не помню, но в 17том, в австрии 12 ноября на было отлично, тоже много снега было. Но конечно, год на год не приходится. Вчера в прогнозах появился снег но сегодня уже исчез :)

garikgarik    15 Ноября 2020 (17:06)   #

Follow the forecast трейлер) премьера завтра или послезавтра на саломонтв.

Ширмер с друзьями и лыжницы из Юты отличные!

Вован на HEAD    15 Ноября 2020 (20:29)   #

обрывки фильмов : по 4-7 минут

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edgarsr    15 Ноября 2020 (23:42)   #

Новых полных фильмов в свободном доступе сейчас не много.

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Plavnik    15 Ноября 2020 (23:53)   #
Когда-то и нас премьеры проходили, и Кандид приезжал...
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skibars22    16 Ноября 2020 (10:09)   #

Всё будет, главное верить icon_smile.gif

   Мы это уже больше 70 лет проходим...  

garikgarik    19 Ноября 2020 (15:11)   #

Долгожданный полный фильм от Саломон! добавил в плейлист.


stop talking!!!
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edgarsr    19 Ноября 2020 (16:07)   #



Их способность корректировать направление движения в воздухе поражает :)

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edgarsr    21 Ноября 2020 (16:43)   #



Most of us spend our lives riding mountains and waves for one primary reason — because it makes us feel more alive. However, there are a lot of good side effects of our pursuits.





Burne-Out is the recap of a wild season 2 of Keep The LINE Skis, where the LINE Skis France team traveled to Avoriaz with Tim Baud, Parnassos in Greece, and Les Orres with Quentin Ladame, to conquer crazy challenges. This is a team of friends who share good times in atypical spots. With more and more FUN you will see the entire LINE team challenging their corporal to the point of exhaustion.


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da_vova    21 Ноября 2020 (17:19)   #



SAMMY на днях как раз смотрел

очень он крутой конечно

все в лучших традициях Дюмона/Таннера/Ходжи/Ранвиля/Пермина и прочей "страрой гвардии"

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da_vova    22 Ноября 2020 (22:59)   #

ну, и вишенка к ХакЙеахх

краш секция ))


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edgarsr    ср. 25 Ноября 2020 (21:11)   #

ZERMATT TO VERBIER | The Faction Collective | 4K

The Faction Collective follow in the tracks of the mythic 'Patrouille des Glaciers' race, across the high alpine traverse linking Zermatt to Verbier. Along the way, this team of freeriders discover a unique alpine history and ski some of the most impressive peaks in the Alps.




Эпический спуск с Dent D'Herens на 13:27 :)