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Blizzard Zero G 85 2019/2020

Другие сезоны: 2018/2019 2019/2020

Назначение: Скитур
The hiking range is changing this year. There is a lighter wood core associated with the new system: Carbon Drive 2.0. The pad is therefore reinforced with 2 bi-directional Carbon plates in addition to the titanal plate to gain energy transmission and avoid any risk of stoppage. New 3D geometry: weight gain, reduction of the rocker and increase of spatula to maintain its performance on the descent. It retains its alpine character, which has made the Zero G range a reference in the world of hiking and mountaineering skiing.
Sandwich Compound, Sidewall (Carbon), Carbon Drive 2.0

Ростовки 150157164171178
Ширина носка, мм 117
Ширина талии, мм 85
Ширина пятки, мм 101
Радиус бокового выреза, м 22
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Цена: от 600€

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