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Blizzard Zero G 85 2018/2019

Другие сезоны: 2018/2019 2019/2020

Назначение: Скитур

If you’re looking for one of the lightest touring skis with outstanding downhill performance, you’ll love the Zero G 85. Despite an 85 mm waist, this ski's weight is remarkable with the shortest length 157cm coming in under the 1 kg mark. You’ll really notice the difference on the ascent. Carbon Drive Technology provides a level of downhill performance and agility that will keep you talking about this all-round touring ski for days after your experience.

Особенности конструкции
Carbon drive найти похожие модели →
Carbon Drive

This technology is the integration of a carbon structure with an
ultra-lightweight construction. Its special 3D geometry guarantees optimal flexional and torsional rigidity. The result is a
level of stability and control unprecedented in the world of ski

  • Carbon Drive is the market’s first uni-directional carbon frame construction.
  • Carbon Drive is the lightest weight alpine ski construction in the market.
  • The Carbon Frame, combined with the sidewall, increases the torsional rigidity of the tip and tail which results in increased stability and power transmission.
  • Carbon Drive delivers a level of downhill performance that has never existed in a touring ski.
Sidewall найти похожие модели →
  • Constant edge pressure over the entire length of the ski
  • Dynamic force distribution from edge to edge
  • Stable edge grip
  • Perfect control
  • Highest carving performance
  • Direct handling
  • Increased stability of the entire construction
  • Longlife construction
  • More impact resistant
Tip & tail rocker найти похожие модели →
Tip & Tail Rocker

Rockered in Tip & Tail area with traditional camber construction
Shorter edge length for perfect agility and playful performance!

Ростовки 157164171178185
Ширина носка, мм 116
Ширина талии, мм 85
Ширина пятки, мм 99
Радиус бокового выреза, м 19
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