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Ogasaka Triun G 2018/2019

Назначение: Слалом-гигант

Особенности конструкции
F.f.s?front float system найти похожие модели →
F.F.S?Front Float System

Combining Front Rocker Form, in which the contact point is a little closer to the center, with Front Lead Function (F. L. F.), Front Float System ski disperses the pressure on top from snow resistance when turning, allowing a stable edge grip and skiing without being disturbed by a condition of a snow or a slope.

F.l.f?front lead function найти похожие модели →
F.L.F?Front Lead Function

F.L.F. creates a deflection of a ski during edging easily, allowing easier and quicker downhill turn with a larger angle. The more edging you do, the longer the length between two contact points, allowing a grip and stability. Also, it is easy to control the speed of skiing with a larger area of edging. ?PAT. No.3837716)

Ростовки 170175
Ширина носка, мм 5104
Ширина талии, мм 6565
Ширина пятки, мм 8789
Радиус бокового выреза, м 2121
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