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RTC Skicross | 185 2018/2019

Особенности конструкции
Coating найти похожие модели →

To achieve the best possible gliding for all snow conditions, we use the Isospeed Nano Highspeed Coating.

Edges 48 ° rockwell найти похожие модели →
Edges 48 ° Rockwell

We use edges with a hardness of 48 ° Rockwell

Glass laminate найти похожие модели →
Glass laminate

The glass laminate, gives the ski his "liveliness" and is custom made according to our wishes.

Polyester fleece найти похожие модели →
Polyester fleece

It serves as glue joint compensating the varying material properties and is cutted by us with self-made templates by hand.

Rubber найти похожие модели →

Rubber is used in different areas. In a specially designed sand blasting machine he is, for example, processed as end shield. Add to Sandwich - intermediate layers it causes a uniform elasticity and also serves as the optimal glue joint between the materials used.

Titanal найти похожие модели →

Depending on the size of the skis titanium - aluminum alloys in various strengths are used. The so-called titanal is grinded before gluing and serves the smoothness and torsional stability.

Top sheet найти похожие модели →
Top sheet

At RTC ISOCAP transparent surfaces are used. Specifically designed for use in the ski and snowboard construction, the material is characterized by outstanding geometric features and a perfect workability.

Wood core найти похожие модели →
Wood core

The heart of our ski consists of a multi-layered ash / poplar - rotary cut veneer. In contrast to solid wood cores practically no distortion occures. This function is supported by the use of phenol sidewalls that will protect the core against humidity. Compared to the ABS sidewalls (plastic) phenol achieves a better result regarding agility.

Ростовки 185
Ширина носка, мм 104
Ширина талии, мм 69
Ширина пятки, мм 90
Радиус бокового выреза, м 23
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