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Stockli O tree 2018/2019

Другие сезоны: 2017/2018 2018/2019

Назначение: All Mountain
Уровень катания: Начинающие, Продвинутые

The O TREE Sustainability meets innovation. Already familiar and proven materials like bamboo and natural rubber have been expanded with the use of shale and stainless steel inserts. This elegant ski stands out with its easy handling and smooth performance. Whether on the slopes or après- ski, the O TREE is and will remain a real eye-catcher.

Особенности конструкции
Bamboo side walls найти похожие модели →

Bamboo is a very robust and elastic natural raw material which makes it perfectly suitable for the sidewalls of a ski.

Natural fiber найти похожие модели →
Natural Fiber

With Spirit OTWO the focus remains on the usage of natural materials, but here we go even one step further: Next to the already applied Bamboo sidewalls, linen is now used instead of fiberglass because it is lighter.

Rocker найти похожие модели →

The longer curvature in the shovel improves lift in powder snow and prevents the ski from burying itself so easily underneath the snow. The early frontal curvature of the ski makes it more flexible. On the slope the shortened running surface makes it easier to carve and – especially with wider skis – considerably reduces the leg strength needed.

Sst (sandwich sidewall technology) найти похожие модели →
SST (sandwich sidewall technology)

Many years of experience and further development of sandwich sidewall technology enable us to precisely determine the flex curve for optimal load transmission on snow.

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