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WNDR Alpine Intention 110 2019/2020

The Intention 110 is the most balanced backcountry ski in the world. We shaped our sidecut to rip and grip in a wide array of snowpack at varied levels of speed. The semi cap sidewall construction provides incredible dampness and stability over edge. Upon descent, you may find yourself looking down to make sure they are still there, as the tapered sidecut symmetry precisely intersects the early rise splay in the tip and tail curvatures, creating a weightless, buoyant and nimble sensation.

We offer two camber profiles for each length. Choose a shape for your skiing style - positive camber for versatility or reverse camber for the ultimate in playful, off-piste charging and slashing.  

At the core of our ski is our proprietary Algal Composite, which we vertically laminate along the stringer, reinforcing stability typically only found in a heavier ski, but at a weight that makes long tours and big ascents a breeze. 

This is backcountry skiing as we see it. Tread light, charge hard. 

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Радиус бокового выреза, м 22
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