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Black Crows Ferox Freebird 2019/2020

The Ferox is born from the need to propose a bi-spatulate ski, double rocker and typical powder that remains effective on the edge. The goal is powder and the feeling of floating on the snow, but the soul remains alpine to adapt to all conditions encountered in hiking. With a rear spatula and a double rocker, it is a ski that offers very good powder sensations with its lift and its immediate pivot, but which keeps a good seat on hard snow thanks to progressive coastline. To optimize its weight (3,600 g in 181 cm), the Ferox was designed on a 3D shape drawn in H which digs the upper part of the ski and allows to lighten it without altering its solidity thanks to a carbon reinforcement matching this shape 3D. The core was also lightened with a blend of paulownia, poplar and, for the first time at black crows, Isocore (polyurethane foam reinforced with continuous fiberglass).
> Big lift: 110mm on the skate
> Double rocker: immediate pivoting.
> Classic classic camber: classic camber under the foot with intermediate ski / snow contact for a perfect balance between sitting and maneuverability.
> Tight rib lines: long curve radius (21m), high speed stability.
> Progressive flex: comfortable in curve and effective in all terrain.
3D construction
poplar-paulownia-isocore core
glass-carbon mixed fibers

Ростовки 181
Ширина носка, мм 136
Ширина талии, мм 110
Ширина пятки, мм 126
Радиус бокового выреза, м 21
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Цена: от 850€

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