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Blizzard Kabookie 2014/2015

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Tip Tail Rocker

Flip Core 3D Side wall

Flip Core 3D

Flip Core 3D

The Blizzard answer to all the rocker buzz is the new Flip Core 3D technology. The idea: the wood core of the ski is inserted upside-down, so that the downward-facing, convex side of the core creates a natural bend. This natural rocker-shape is already built into the construction of the ski, not needing any additional re-pressing. A revolutionary construction-technique, which is equally as individual as the target groups it speaks to.



  • Constant edge pressure over the entire length of the ski
  • Dynamic force distribution from edge to edge
  • Stable edge grip
  • Perfect control
  • Highest carving performance
  • Direct handling
  • Increased stability of the entire construction
  • Longlife construction
  • More impact resistant
Tip & Tail Rocker

Tip & Tail Rocker

Rockered in Tip & Tail area with traditional camber construction
Shorter edge length for perfect agility and playful performance!

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