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Scott Cascade 110 2015/2016

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Фрирайд, Скитур

Cascade 110

  • 3Dimension Sidecut

    3Dimension combines 2 radii with a central flat line under foot. The tip and tail radii allow for easy turn initiation while the flat line provides stability, power and precision. Designed in conjunction with our Freeski Team Athletes, 3Dimension Sidecut provides a level of versatility, balance and power under foot that meets the demands of the world’s best skiers. 3Dimension Sidecut is offered in sizes S, M and L, allowing skiers to choose the right amount sidecut for their intended use.

    + Improved edge control and power underfoot
    + Adds stability and predictability to the ski
    + Improved pivot point for a playful ski

  • Factory Finish

    SCOTT skis come direct from the factory "ready to ski" with SCOTT factory finish. Every factory finished ski leaves the factory with side edges ground at 89° and base edges ground between 0.5° and 0.8° for exceptional performance. The base is finished with a micro structured CNC stone grind so you can mount your skis and hit the hill, no tuning required.

  • Full Ski Length Wood Core

    The full-length, wood core produces a moreconsistent ski flex and creates a homogeneoustransition between middle part androckered tip and tail.

  • Skin Fixation System

    The Scott Skin Fixation System provides aneasy and fast skin attachment in all weatherconditions.

  • SSCL P - Sandwich Sidewall Construction Laminate Paulownia

    Paulownia wood core combined with laminates results in a super lightweight ski with a great flex and torsional rigidity. Less-is-more, results in exploring efficiency.

  • Twin Tip Rocker L

    Twin-Tip Rocker places Rocker on both the tip and tail of twin tip skis to allow for maximum float when riding both forward and switch.  Tail Rocker also improves ski handling in powder by allowing the tail of the ski to sit deeper in the snow while bringing the tip up.

    + Tip Rocker improves ski flotation
    + Twin-Tip for riding both forward and switch
    + Total domination in deep powder

In 2015-16, the SCOTT Cascade 110 breaks onto the scene as a lightweight, progressive twin-tip rockered, backcountry destroyer. With composite paulownia wood core, the Cascade 110 bridges the gap between long tours and deep powder.

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